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After going through MANY infertility treatment cycles ourselves (between three of us we have done over 30 IVFs ourselves!), after running various infertility support groups, both in real life and online, and after years of running South Africa’s top performing and most successful surrogacy program, Nurture Surrogacy Program, we decided it was time to give back to the wonderful women and their supportive families who had made so many dreams come true for our intended parents.

Tapping into our extensive network of top fertility specialists, medical-legal lawyers, psychologists and social workers, we created the Surrogacy Advisory Group as a collective effort to provide free education, advice and support to all women considering the selfless act of surrogacy.  We do not charge for our services -we provide information and advisory services that will assist you as a potential surrogate to determine whether surrogacy is right for you.

In addition to offering advice on surrogacy, The Surrogacy Advisory Group acts to promote and protect the interests of both Commissioning Parents and Surrogate Mothers

Learn, talk, share and join the conversation – sign up today by contacting us at info@surrogacy.co.za

Our first surro baby turns three years old! (August 2012)

And isn’t he absolutely beautiful!

Surrogacy Advisory Group welcomes a new member to the team!

We are thrilled to announce that Robynne Friedman has volunteered her time and expertise as chief adviser to the Surrogacy Advisory Group.  Robynne is a lawyer by profession with a special interest in surrogacy – and with good reason: Robynne is a mother of a surrogate born baby.  After many failed IVFs, 10 years of infertility treatment and three surrogacy cycles, Robynne was eventually blessed with her very special baby born through the wonderful gift of surrogacy.  Robynne knows more about surrogacy than just about anyone else in this country – both from a professional and a personal point of view.  Robynne has a passion for both the surrogates and the intended parents is looking very forward to supporting surrogate mothers and intended parents through this wonderful surrogacy journey.

“G and I would just like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done. What takes others months and years to finalize has taken us just 2 months, by the grace of God!”

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